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Advance Client Solutions is the industry leader and setting the bar quite high in digital marketing with our Inbound Calls and Data Leads for several insurance verticals. Full transparency and customer success is our cornerstone and at the forefront of our daily operations.

We are honored to be the exclusive provider of Inbound Calls for the Workspots members. We are offering discounted pricing for our Final Expense (FE) $53.00 and ACA $60.00 Inbound Calls. Please fill out the form below and submit, we will be in contact with you within 6 hours to set up you campaign.

If you have questions about our campaigns or other vertical needs please contact Ron Williams

Criteria to Purchase Inbound Calls from Advance Client Solutions

• Our clients need to take inbound calls from at least 8 states

• Agencies need a minimum of 3-4 agents who can accept the inbound calls (so someone is always available to answer)

• Individual Agents who are not accepting calls through an agency may form groups of at least 2+ agents to accept inbound calls

• You must have telephonic capabilities to use one telephone line as a "DID" to route to multiple agents

• The minimum daily billable cap is set at 10

• Concurrent calls will be at least 1 for every 2 agents

• Pricing

— $53 with 90 second duration per billable inbound Final Expense call.

— $60 with 90 second duration per billable inbound ACA call.

• All campaigns using the form below will be for M-F. For custom days or weekends, contact Ron Williams at

• Any questions, or if you don't meet this criteria, please contact Ron Williams at for information or other options

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